Archery Tag - $950

Archery Tag consists of teams of five players on opposing sides, separated by a Safe Zone. The object of the game is to eliminate all opposing players by getting them "out" or scoring the most points in a timed game. Each game begins by placing bows along the end lines and arrows in the center of the safe zone. Player then take a position on their end line. Following a signal by the referee, players rush into the safe zone to gather as many arrows as possible. Then players return to their attack zone to start shooting. Field Size matches a standard regulation tennis court: 78ft x 36ft



Archery Add On - $100


Add-on our popular Archery Target to your Archery Tag Rental for $100 more!

Archery Target is the latest innovation and is perfect fun for the any event held indoors, outdoors, anywhere!  Archery Target is fun for all ages and skill levels! Rental comes with everything you need to start aiming; Inflatable Target, Longbow and Disc Arrows!  Portable design 66 x 64 x 42